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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Nissan Cube Z11 02-08 Second Gen. History

Early type Oct 2002 - May 2005

Mid (May 2005 - January 2007)

Late (January 2007 - November 2008)

8th Oct 2002

The z11 model is sold in Japan, utilising the Nissan CR14DE 1.4l 98ps (72Kw) @5600rpm engine from the Nissan "March" (Micra). With it's unique design and advanced features was very quick to become a huge in in Japan.

Standard with an electronic 4SP Auto Transmission. Transmission options available were CVT (Constant Velocity Transmission) XTRONIC CVT M6 Transmission with 6sp manual shifters

on the steering wheel and an optional new (electronic) drive shaft less e-4WD system. The rear wheels are driven by electric motors when in e-4WD mode. Two equipment level models are released, The Standard "SX" and the slightly better equipped and more expensive "EX" model. The "EX" model came standard with Climate Control Air Conditioning.

8th May 2003

A special Nissan 70th Anniversary edition of the Cube is released, "SX 70th"

September 2003
The Nissan Cube Cubic is released. A slightly linger 7 Seater version of the Cube.

22nd of Oct 2003

Second Anniversary "SX 70th-II" is released.

9th of Dec 2003
Autech "Special Edition "Travis" is released.

17th of May 2004
Eikoku Conran & Partners Limited car in collaboration with the end of July, "Cube + Conran" released (unit production planning 1,000 units), and the special edition "SX Limited" "EX Limited" on sale. "Cube + Conran" to reach the planned production volume in two weeks after launch, we closed the order at the end of May.

23rd of Aug 2004

SX based Cube, private front bumper / grille released.

1st of Dec 2004

Integrated 1DIN MD · CD AM / FM car radios equipped with special electronic tuner "SX MD / CD Selection", "EX MD / CD Selection" on sale. MD・CD一AM/FM. Combined MD · CD AM / FM radio tuner as well as the electronic front grille and exclusive.

20th of Jan 2005

"Rider", "Travis" limited Edition car "HDD Nabiedishon" added.

24th of May 2005

Minor changes. CR14DE In addition to the Tiida and Note has been added to the model HR15DE mounted engine, front grille holes are changed from a square diamond, now turn round the lamp. The new design was changed without the early-type frame from a framed taillights. CR14DE & CVT HR15DE. CR14DE transmission equipped vehicles, but will only be E-ATx, CVT-equipped vehicles will be set HR15DE. In line with this change of the six-speed manual CVT was abolished. 1400cc, 1500cc, (SU-LEV). In addition, 1400cc, 1500cc 75 2005 exhaust emission regulations in both lower (SU-LEV) certification. special edition "15M Premium Interior" release.

29th of May 2006
Intelligent Key, sport muffler, aluminum pedals, equipped with special "alpha Rider II" was released.

1stof June 2006
Cube minor version, with the appearance Cube Cubic "Cube + Conran " Orders available. There is no limit to the number of orders on September 30 deadline to book

4th of Oct 2006

Plus navi Special edition "Plus navi (navigation plus)" release.
17th of Jan 2007
Minor changes. (RS、RX) The front design has been modified (RS, RX excluded), was an integral headlights and turn signal lamp types from early to middle second round. LED Rear Tail Lights, Other LED was adopted, HR CVT engine improvements and improved fuel efficiency by reviewing the ECU program. Clear tail lights (tail light colored type of the previous year.)

5th of Jun 2007
"KAGAYAKI Edition (and the Plus navi HDD)" is launched.
3rd of Oct 2007
Smoke adopted and rider "10th Anniversary" release.

7th of Nov 2007
Music room & Special color (Pacific Blue) special edition "Music room" on sale. At the same time "Plus navi HDD" upgrade has changed the base.

3rd of Oct 2007
15M Art room Version released. In addition to leather seats, door trim special edition adopted by the four seasons of each door a different pattern.
5th of March 2008
New York International Auto Show Cube Cubic based on "concept cube Electricity" exhibit. In adopting the Compact to power electric vehicles, fitted with a front grille with the current motif
27th of March 2008
HDD SP Edition.Limited Edition car "Purasunabi HDD SP" was released with Arm Rests built into Seats.

Nov 2008

End of sale for Z11.

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  1. hi how hard is it to get nissan cube 2002-2007 model parts in australia?

    also if someone can tell me the essentials such as

    air filter type
    oil filter
    brake pads
    head light and rear light bulbs type
    wiper sizes
    fan belt size
    and any other resources you know