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Monday, 9 May 2011

Replacing the Pollen filter in your Cube 02-08 model

This post will show you how to replace your Pollen Filter in your Cube. The manual says this should be done every 12,000k, But I think every 20k-30k should be more like it.

There were two options for the replacement filter. A standard filter for around $50 AU, or a filter with Pollen and Smell/Pollution filtration. the better filter seems to be impregnated with a Charcoal substance. I opted for the better filter, it does however set you back $120 AU. Part number is AY685-NS007. I purchased it from Hornsby Nissan.

This filter will fit the following vehicles.

The new filter looks like this.

These are the only tools you will require. One long #2 Phillips screw driver.

The filter does come with installation instructions but they are in Japaneses of course.

In order to replace the pollen filter the Glove-Box MUST be removed. There are eight Phillips head screws in total that need to be removed, 4 along the top and 4 below.

see all eight screw below.

Top Screw #1

Top Screw #2

Top Screw #3

Top Screw #4

Bottom Screw #5

Bottom Screw #6

Bottom Screw #7

Bottom Screw #8

The glove box should just pull out now with a little jiggling. As shown below.

The Filter slot is located at the lower/front of the car's center console, closest to the Firewall at he back/bottom of the center console on the glove box side. You can see it here below.
To remove the old filter you will have to set the ignition switch to the "ON" position and then the A/C temp setting to 18Deg C. on a Climate Control Cube (Should be the coldest setting on a Standard Cube without Climate Control), this will move the metal arm at the top out of the way.

You can see below the metal AC selector arm is now out of the way.

Firmly pull out the old Filter, as below.
Insert the new filter into the slot, Make sure the filter is the correct way up, there is an arrow on it displaying the correct way up. YOU MUST take care when inserting the new filter that you compress the top part of the filter to slot in without damaging the filter. just keep the top pushed down as you insert the filter. Make sure you push it all the way in until both TOP and BOTTOM click into place.

Replace the glove box and replace all 8 screws.


This is what mine looked like after about 20,000Klm. Yuck.

Once replaced fill in the supplied fitment sticker and stick it in the glovebox over the older sticker. As below.

Old Filter vs New filter. no comparison :)


  1. Awesome!! Great post

  2. Nice Post!!!!
    Look forward to more posts.

  3. great instructions and pictures mark, i bet mine is disgusting too..will try to do this soon.


  4. actually not need to replace it...just need to clean it regularly...once a year maybe.....because it not expose to oil...the air filter exposed to oil since it near to engine bay.... :)

  5. Hi guys i have a nissan cube 2003 and im wondering how do i change the brake lights? Do i have to remove the whole rear bumper pls. Let me know thnx

  6. Thanks for this. Managed to change my filter, had a bunch of small leaves in it.

    One thing though I did have to remove an extra piece of plastic that was near the filter slot. I think it was there to protect people's feet from kicking the cooling/heating pipes near there. It was screwed in using the same screws so easy to remove and put back.

    This was for 2007 Nissan Cube3.


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